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My name is Nita Jain, and I enjoy researching and sharing insights from a smorgasbord of different disciplines! You can anticipate the following topics:

  • Self-Improvement — becoming physically, mentally, and spiritually healthier

  • Psychology — how cognitive biases and mental models impact our behavior

  • Philosophy — questions about logic, reason, consciousness, Stoicism

  • Your Brain — how to maintain peak performance & prevent neurodegeneration

  • Productivity & Creativity — applying leverage, improving focus, optimizing habits and routines

  • Entrepreneurship & Technology — conversations about the creator economy, the future of work, and trends in the startup space

  • Health & Fitness — nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, circadian rhythms, longevity, metabolism, mitochondria, energy expenditure, gut microbiome

  • Science & Medicine — advances in our understanding of health and disease, novel medical treatments, synthetic biology, patient advocacy, quantified self

  • Consilience & Polymathy — drawing from multiple domains to innovate, create, and discover

You might enjoy this newsletter if you:

  • Listen to educational podcasts

  • Value emotional self-regulation

  • Enjoy interdisciplinary collaboration

  • Express interest in healthspan extension

  • Research diet & lifestyle optimization

  • Desire to better yourself every day

  • Identify as mission-driven

  • Have a growth mindset

  • Like Shakespeare, Jeff Buckley, watching movies on Sunday (Just kidding!)

Who Is This ‘Nita Jain’ Anyways?

Autodidact. Introvert. Immigrant. STEMinist. Spoonie. Mitochondriac. Product of Atlanta. Perpetually in beta. Side effects include shifts in perspective, glimpses into the unknown, expansion of your horizons, and a greater tolerance for uncertainty. Lifetime warranty included. Consumer discretion advised.

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I distill ideas to improve your quality of life. Chronic disease researcher, podcaster, patient advocate.